About Us

The central government of Somalia was ousted in late 1991 by armed rebels.

Since then, there has been sectarian, fighting, destruction, anarchy, arson and disorder. As result almost all of public and private sectors/institutions have been ruined or badly damaged.

The business sector was one of the institutions suffered more, all business centers have been destroyed to earth, others have been abandoned and consequently all records and books have been lost, moreover, more business men and professionals fled from the country or sought other jobs for better career.

Therefore   in order to fill the gap (partially) left by the ousted central government and to

respond to the growing need for our community, in 1993 we established

Sabriye General Trading Company which started small company but gradually expanded in to Big Business Company.

We import many different commodities (goods or services) and etc.

And the most of our products are:-


Engines and water pump

Spare parts

Electric Materials

Electronic Materials

Sabriye General Trading Company brings those all products to their centers in whole Somali regions and districts, so all Somali community where ever they are will get same benefit.

Our Company does not export anything now but the coming soon future our company is planning to export many things from Somalia to our neighbor countries then the other countries.


The Sabriye General trading Company for general trading is a profit seeking organization established in Mogadishu Somalia in 1993 to provide the Somalia community with high quality products.

Besides it’s headquarter in Mogadishu, the company has branches through Somali

regions and its districts,

The Company involved not only in Business activities, but also in other community development programs such as creating     job opportunity for community members.

The company sacrificed to work difficult situations passed Somali country to develop their nation which Allah lastly succeeded us


Providing Somali community with high quality products based on good values, positive

attitude and just society for a better nation.


Building a good   will by selling high quality products and creating job opportunities for Somali community.


The main objectives for the society are:

  • Create job opportunity for Somali professionals
  • Give high quality products to the Somali
  • Giving the small companies goods so that that companies re sell
  • Mandate:
  • Sabriye General trading Company specializes in general trade through providing high
  • quality products.
  • It deals different other local companies, they take their products and sell again to small markets.